Hey all! Long time no see. For real. Just a quick update on why I haven’t been posting…but an update on the fact that I will be starting posts again in the next couple weeks! 

As a Navy family, we have been moving about and lived in a hotel (for training) for the past two and half months. Hence why the lack of posts! I’m sure you could imagine the lack of amenities in the hotel, leading to the result of no blogging. I won’t lie the hotel was great. It had a mini kitchen with two electric burners but NO OVEN! Most dinners consisted of pork belly, rice, and lots of Korean side dishes. Lots of tacos. Lots of spaghetti. But being in a tiny hotel meant my days were filled with taking care of the dogs and keeping things tidy in such a tiny place. And yes, I said dogs. Introducing BEAN:

  He’s that brown blotch on the right. My new favorite thing in the world. Story on how I acquired him to come later.

To keep it short and sweet, I hope some of you are still liking my blog and I can’t wait to start posting again. Until then: