Balsamic Peach Chicken “Semi-pressed” Sandwich

What? I don’t know. Hold on, let me explain.

I have an abundance of peaches. Remember when I made peach pie? Well silly little me thought I needed several, several peaches for a tiny pie so of course, I had leftover peaches. So I thought…what goes well with peaches besides baked goods?

Oh I know, balsamic vinegar! But not just balsamic vinegar. I’m talking about the reduced kind. No, not reduced in fat; a balsamic reduction. I love making this reduction, especially with garlic in it. Reduction takes the pungent vinegar and changes it to a syrupy, sweet, and flavorful sauce. It’s great to make ahead of time to be used to salads, sandwiches, drizzled on pizzas (my absolute favorite), and even tossed with pasta.

But making it…jesus, does it stink up the entire house. Nose burning, eyes starting to squint, vent over the stove on full blast, it’s not a pretty sight. But it’s worth it, because in the end, you’re left with a dark and mysterious liquid.

So we decided to head to the beach today and I automatically knew I had to make sandwiches for us. But no! I do a mental scan of the refrigerator. We don’t have cold cuts. We don’t have tuna. We have nothing. But not really. I quickly thought to myself: chicken + mozzarella + balsamic + basil = yes? Yes, indeed. Except, as I was preparing my balsamic reduction, I glanced at this giant, beautiful but ripening too quick peach. We had a moment.

So I thought…caramelized peaches on this sandwich would probably be amazing. And amazing it was.




First: take 1/3 cup of balsamic and 2 cloves chopped garlic. Boil in a pot over medium heat for at least 5 minutes, or until it is syrup-like. You will see it thicken quickly, so don’t walk away! Once done, add to extra virgin olive oil and set aside.


Second: toss sliced peaches on the stove and cook until they are caramelized.


Third: start assembling your sandwich. See below:







Fourth: wrap tightly with saran wrap and put heavy objects on top. I chose my laptop and a book.



Fifth: after about 10 minutes, remove the objects and enjoy! I call this “semi-pressed” because a true pressed sandwich is left under such weight for a much longer period of time.


Extra: you can definitely heat this sandwich up like a panini. I didn’t since we were heading to the beach.


Can you spot the crab?


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