Painfully Easy Pimento Cheese

I won’t lie. I only recently tried pimento cheese for the first time. Every time I saw it in the market in a little tub, I wondered (1) what the hell is this? and (2) that looks like what it would look like coming back out. Too much information? Too bad.

But that all changed recently when I tried a homemade version, which was so appetizing and flavorful for how simple it was. It never occurred to me that there were cherry peppers in it, although I knew what pimentos were. Pimento cheese = pimento + cheese. Duh, Kyungso.

You’re probably wondering why I’m even posting this, since it has literally three ingredients. But I’m the type who forgets little simple recipes like this one that can be a great snack to have around. It’s also a ridiculously easy appetizer to bring over to a party, if you’re not feeling inclined to actually put forth a lot of effort.

This version is a quick and easy version of pimento cheese. I know more elaborate recipes have ingredients such as onion, cream cheese, different types of cheeses and such. I didn’t have pimentos but I did have leftover roasted bell peppers to use.



First: dice your pimentos (remember, I only had roasted peppers), grate your cheese, and get some mayo out.

Make sure to grate your own cheese. Most pre-grated cheeses are coated with cellulose to keep from clumping. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t want something like cellulose (manufactured kind) going into my stomach.

Second: ratio wise with pimentos:cheese:mayo, I would say 1:3:2. I made a very small amount for two. But all you need is the end product to be of creamy consistency. See below for the picture.


Enjoy with some crackers!


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