Summer Penne Pasta

I love vegetables. Our refrigerator is constantly packed with all sorts of vegetables and I love to find ways to consume ALL of them.

I also love pasta. Pasta and I go way back and we’ve never lost touch. For dinner tonight, I figured I would make a meatless and simple meal (mostly for the sake of me fitting into my wedding dress in less than three months). The best thing about these types of meatless meals is that they are incredibly easy to digest and I always find I have a lot more energy when I eat less meat.

But don’t get me wrong. If I could, I would eat steak and Korean BBQ for every meal of the day.

For this simple meal, I put bits of every vegetable I had in my refrigerator. This meal may seem really flavorless, but trust me, if you follow my directions on which order and how long to cook each portion of the ingredients, you’ll have a flavor filled plateful of healthy pasta.



First: sauté broccoli and bell peppers with some light olive oil on medium high heat for about 4 minutes. (Don’t forget to have your pasta cooking!) Broccoli and bell peppers hold their shape the longest out of these vegetables.


Second: Lower the heat to medium. Add the mushrooms and red onion and cook for about 5 minutes. This medium heat will let the onions become very sweet and flavorful.


Third: lower the heat to low and add some extra olive oil with the garlic. Sauté together for about 5 minutes. Letting your garlic cook slowly on low heat really makes the garlic savory and sweet. I promise, you won’t be battling garlic breath after eating.


Fourth: add your grape tomatoes and cooked pasta. Add some extra virgin olive oil, salt, and pepper and toss for 1 minute.


Fifth: plate and add some grated cheese.


Sixth: enjoy!

Extras: if you’d like, add red chili flakes for some heat. Or, add some balsamic vinegar when adding the garlic and let it reduce. OR instead of grating cheese, feta cheese also goes great with this.


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